Grab the tissue first!

A friend of mine shared this amazing gift from God with me and I just had to share it with as many people as possible. The female judge in this clip has it right: In every lump of coal there is a diamond.


This is a story about a guy,
like most of us, common,
questioning his existence,
measuring himself against others,
never believing in his abilities or his worth.

Then one day, his passion out grew his fears as he stepped onto a stage,
a stage that took him to a place beyond his self imposed prison.

Watch the faces of the judges as this guy walks out on the stage.
You can almost seewhat they are thinking as they pre-judge this guy based on his looks
and the fact that he is a cellphone salesman.
Maybe this guy stopped believing in what people told him for so many years
and ultimately started listening to his passion.

By the way – Google Paul Potts and see what you get now! :)

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